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•  General Security Services (GSS)

The physical protection by a uniformed security guard of the client, his family and employees, real properties such as piece of land, buildings and its premises, residential houses, its occupants and personal belonging found therein, equipment or records, commercial establishments, stores and merchandise from unlawful entry, robbery, theft and vandalism and from other criminal acts.


•  Background Investigation (BI)

Discreet gathering of information relating to a person’s general character, his/her past and present associations. This investigation is usually done on persons considered for employment, promotion and/or assignment to sensitive positions and for other purposes as maybe needed by the client.


 •  Special Investigation (SI)

Special inquiry of person/s suspected of anomalous activity.


•  Executive Protection

Special Mission duty provided to high level person/s requiring constant protection. 


•  Special Event Coverage

A short-term security coverage for special events such as live performances, concerts, conventions and the like wherein performers and participants are given full protection from unruly fans and audience. 


•  Bomb  Identification  and  Bomb  Threat Countermeasure Training

Lecture on the components of a bomb, its destructive power, different forms and construction. Students will be taught on how to recognize a bomb, what to do in case of a bomb threat, bomb is found and when the bomb exploded and application of countermeasures.

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